The Jodi the Yogi program aims to set children on the path of a positive and healthy lifestyle. It is our belief that by educating and exercising both body and mind through yoga, music, and story, young children will learn to grow in an ever-changing world with a sense of vitality and stability.

What makes Jodi the Yogi's approach unique?

Jodi the Yogi’s original songs target gross motor skills through age-appropriate interpretations of yogic sequences and postures. Jumping to release energy, dancing to foster self-expression, and taking a moment to breathe between activities are all a part of the mind-body learning tools incorporated within the Jodi the Yogi Music.  

Through character and story, we introduce circumstances that target social/emotional learning, such as exploring acceptance when faced with disappointing situations and discovering self-empowerment through the concept of practice.

Our videos and live program use humor, playfulness and a sense of wonder in order to engage children and connect with the way they understand the world.