All of the Jodi the Yogi songs are original music with yoga poses and sequences. Developed for kids to move their bodies, become aware of their breath and express their sillies!




All of our interactive videos guide children in engergize and relaxing by practicing yogaWe use music, character and story to make yoga accessible and FUN for kids.




Our events feature Jodi the Yogi and our original songs. Bring a Jodi the Yogi workshop to your school, local library or community center.




This is a fantastic program and I can’t wait to see more!
— Megan Ross (parent), Arvada, CO
It’s just so amazingly wonderful to watch both of my children grow with your practice. Whenever Jane or jesse start throwing tantrums lately I remind them to take a happy heart breath, and I’m not even kidding you, it works!
— Jenn Schulte (parent), New York, NY
The Jodi the Yogi program was engaging, fun, and got the students to move and stretch in ways they have probably never done before. The use of props and music was great, and there was a great balance of high-energy and more focused, calm activities.
— Brian Duran (teacher), New York, NY
What makes Jodi the Yogi so exciting is that she’ll be able to share yoga with kids in every city, in every state in this country, around the world, that kids will be able to get yoga any time they want to, and that’s really important and really special.
— Shari Vilchez-Blatt, (Founder and Director of Karma Kids Yoga, LLC), New York, NY
All the kids enjoyed it and participated. They asked if they could do it again and if there were any more videos for them to do!
— Cindy Thagard (parent), Lake Worth, FL
Our kids loved this!
— Jason Green (parent), Cherry Hill, NJ
I will also be using some of these techniques into my classroom (happy heart breathing)!
— Wendy Harris (parent and teacher), Aurora, IL
My son really loved Downward the Dog, and Jodi has a beautiful voice!
— Abby Tannous (parent), Boyton Beach, FL
They both loved it! The little one copied big sister’s movements and had a blast trying to keep up.
— Carmela Frattasi (parent), Flushing, NY