Yoga, Music, Adventure!

Jodi the Yogi offers unique participatory children ages 3-6 that uses original music, props and an imaginative adventure to introduce and teach yoga to your students.

The full live program package includes:

  • A 45 minute physically interactive Yoga workshop
  • A 15 minute meet and greet with Jodi and our puppet version of Downward the Dog
  • A Jodi the Yogi CD with original movement oriented music and a DVD of our online videos
  • A resource packet for the teachers and students

What makes this program unique?

In our interactive 45 minute Yoga workshop, Jodi the Yogi physically engages all participants through shared song, dance, and movement. The Jodi the Yogi music was created to precisely instruct the participants on how to breathe and move their bodies, targeting the development of gross motor skills, while still having tons of fun! In addition to song and story, every child will experience the physical benefits of yoga, while learning an accessible breath technique to aid in their ability to self-soothe if ever faced with disappointment at school or at home.

At the end of the program,  each child will have the opportunity to meet our puppet version of Downward the Dog, ring the yoga chimes and receive a sticker! We also provide the classroom teacher with a resource packet containing techniques to support the social/emotional development of their students a  CD with Jodi the Yogi music and a DVD of our online videosWe provide these resources so that students will continue to have access to the benefits of yoga, even after we are gone!

What are the educational benefits of Jodi the Yogi?

The Jodi the Yogi Live Program is thoroughly aligned to the Universal Pre-K Common Core Standards and addresses all of the following:

  • Domain 1: Approaches to Learning (Engagement, Creativity and Imagination, Curiosity and Initiative, and Persistence) 
  • Domain 2: Physical Development and Health (Physical Development, Physical Fitness, Health and Well Being)
  • Domain 3: Social and Emotional Development (Self Concept and Self Awareness, Self Regulation, Relationships with Others, and Adaptability)
  • Domain 4: Communication, Language, and Literacy (Motivation, Viewing, and Vocabulary)The complete curriculum is available upon request!

How far are you able to travel?

Jodi the Yogi is available for performances throughout the New York City area.

How much does Jodi the Yogi cost?

Our prices vary depending on the number of performances requested and the travel distance to the school. Email us at for more details! 

How do I book a Jodi the Yogi Live Program?

Email and we will respond to you within 24 hours!